Deck and Fence Painting

Are your fences currently looking old and decrepit? Is your deck stain chipped and unsightly? Luckily, Fast n Clean Painters can help you with both of these problems! We offer comprehensive deck and fence painting services for homeowners in the Lehigh Valley.

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Our painters have decades of experience painting decks and fences just like yours. We have the know-how and the tools to get the job done fast and on a budget you’ll be happy with!

Fence Painting

Fence Painting

A good fence can last you decades, but your paint job may not be as long-lasting. Having your fence repainted professionally will make every other homeowner in your neighborhood jealous! Installing a new fence? Even better! We’ll paint your fence and provide you with tips on how to make your paint job last a long time!

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Benefits of Fence Painting

In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, having your fence professionally painted will help protect it from the elements. Wood is extremely susceptible to varying weather conditions and can be warped and chipped away with long exposure to hot sunlight, or being constantly wet and absorbing too much moisture. Painting your fence with top quality paints provided by Fast n Clean Painters will help protect your fence from the elements and increase its lifespan!

Deck Painting

Deck Painting

Entertaining guests outside is one of the best parts about having a deck in the summer. But what could be more embarrassing than having a deck that’s chipped and looks uncared for? Having your deck stained by professionals can make your home the talking point of your bbq! Make your friends and family jealous by contacting the painting experts at Fast n Clean Painters today! We offer a wide variety of color options and stains to fit your needs perfectly!

Benefits of Deck Painting

Similarly to fences, decks endure a lot throughout the year. Especially with the extreme weather in the Lehigh Valley! The wood planks on your deck can become permanently warped and ruin the structure of a deck. The experts at Fast n Clean Painters use stains and paints that not only look great but will also protect the wood on your deck from the harshest weather.

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Staining vs. Painting

Staining vs. Painting

When it comes to making your deck or fence look great, you have two options: staining and painting. Both options have a variety of benefits as well as a few negatives to each. For example, if you choose to stain your deck over having it painted, it may not last quite as long. Painting is well known to last a much longer time as well as fill the cracks. But, staining often gives a more desirable, rustic look that many Lehigh Valley homeowners like. The same goes for your fence, paint lasts longer but a stain might give you the look you want. Both of these options protect your deck and ensure it won’t be warped from moisture.

No matter what you need, Fast n Clean Painters will be there to serve you! We offer deck and fence painting and staining services that you’re guaranteed to love! Call us today to speak to one of our painting specialists and we’ll help you get started on your next project!

What You Should Look For in a Painting Contractor

Picking a contractor for your next home improvement project can be tough, but rushing into a decision could leave you unsatisfied and out of money to hire a new one. No matter what type of home improvement project you’re doing, whether it be painting, HVAC service, flooring, etc, you need a contractor who works for you. The experts at Fast n Clean Painters will work nonstop to ensure your needs are met. Our painting team treats every project like they’re working on their own home, so you know they’re putting all their attention and care into their work.

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