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Upgrade Your Kitchen With New Colors For the Cabinets and Walls

Ready to give your kitchen an all-new look because its current look is too plain and boring? Having your kitchen painted professionally will quickly and easily make the room look much different. It may no longer look anything like the kitchen you’ve had before, but that is a good thing if you’re interested in making some major changes.

Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Before focusing on the walls, you may want to think about repainting painted kitchen cabinets to make them stand out. In fact, you can use a wood stain if you’d like to make your cabinets look like they’re made of oak or even maple wood. If you’re going to choose a wood stain, it’s good to know which of the kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets match perfectly.

If you’ve selected an oak stain, the cabinets would look great in a kitchen that is gray, yellow, beige, or even red. The oak color matches with a lot of different colors you can use on the walls of your kitchen. If you’re trying to decide on the best kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets, consider some of the more neutral shades that tend to make the maple shade look bolder and even more aesthetically pleasing.

When you need a bit of inspiration for your cabinets because you’re feeling too indecisive, try doing a search for “kitchen cabinet colors 2018” to look at some of the most modern and beautiful colors that are currently being used by homeowners. Once you’ve looked through some images, you may be able to decide on a color that will look stunning in the kitchen.

Wall Paint Color

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors

Selecting the right color for the walls of your kitchen is a necessity because the wrong colors could take away from the overall look and feel of the room. Consider using some of the warm kitchen colors that are known to evoke feelings of happiness and pure joy. If you prefer to keep things neutral, gray kitchen walls with white cabinets are ideal because the look is simple yet sophisticated.

If you’re going to use maple cabinets, you should start checking out the kitchen color trends 2018 on search engines to see what types of colors other people are using that match perfectly with maple. You’ll get to see the kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets that look the best when used together.

Kitchen Contractors

Kitchen Wall Painting Contractors

Before beginning the painting process, consider finding out more information on local interior painters who can help you. These painters may provide professional kitchen cabinet painting for clients who’d like to see a flawless finish. When you don’t have much experience with painting, it simply makes more sense to let the professionals do the work for you, but you should find out the cost of painting kitchen walls and cabinets before hiring certain contractors to help.

Don’t be afraid to ask around for price quotes. Some contractors may offer reasonable prices while others may charge a bit more. You should look for a combination of affordability and experience to ensure you’re hiring people who will do a good job without charging you a bit too much to complete the job.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Contractors

When speaking to the contractors about the changes you’d like to make to your kitchen, they may have a few suggestions for you. They could offer to bring spray painters for kitchen cabinets to cover those cabinets with new, refreshing colors of your choosing. However, they may provide refinishing and refacing services. If you’ve looked up “kitchen cabinet refinishing near me,” you may know it’s the process of having cabinets sanded down and painted to make them look like they’re new.

Aside from refinishing, you could consider the option of refacing the cabinets, which involves covering the front of the cabinets with new materials that look better. It’s basically like giving your cabinets a facelift. It’s up to you to compare the differences between cabinet refacing vs painting before hiring professionals to provide these services to you. Once you know what you’d like to have done, you can pick a date and time to have the professional cabinet strainers visit your home to get started on making these major changes to your kitchen.

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