Spray vs Rolling Painting

Expert interior spray painting and interior roll painting techniques both have their place. We handle both types of approaches to painting a home, office or commercial space. The environment and project parameters will dictate which technique we utilize on a job. When we do use a spray method, we also back roll to provide a great looking finished result. Many commercial projects allow for the speed and flexibility that spray painting offers. Call today to schedule your free estimate.

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spray paint vs roller painting

Spray vs. Roll Painting

When the interior allows for spray painting, typically a full renovation project or a commercial space, we will provide an estimate for this approach. This allows our crews to paint your property quickly. As you can imagine, there is a lot of preparation that goes into setting up a spray paint job. However, once all the prep work is completed, the actual paint process is very fast.

Roller painting is usually used when we are painting a home or office that has furniture and personal belongings as well as a finished floor. In these situations, it makes more sense to approach the project with rollers and brushes.

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Spray Painting

Spray Painting Contractors

When searching for interior house painters near me you’ll find a number of contractors who may utilize different painting methods for the inside of your home. Spray painting, roll painting, and brush painting are the three most commonly utilized techniques. Albeit, in many cases, contractors may use a combination of these techniques to ensure the best results. There’s no single best method as each approach has its own advantages.

Many professionals prefer painting a house with a spray gun because it can be accomplished much faster than with a roller and brush. Most painting contractors want to finish the job as quickly as possible because they charge a flat rate for a particular project rather than an hourly rate. Spray painters are more expensive than rollers and cost more to maintain over time, but by increasing speed they can increase their earnings.

A contractor may choose to only use a spray painter for specific projects or locations. For example, spray painters for kitchen cabinets are considered extremely effective. It’s much easier and faster to paint cabinets with a spray painter than it is with a roll and brush due to the corners and edges.

Roll Painting

Roll Painting Contractors

Roll painters make up the other half of the spray vs roll painting debate, but once again, roll painting is only ideal in certain situations. One of the questions to ask a house painter before they begin painting your home is whether they plan to use a roll painter or spray painter. Some homeowners have a preference for one look or the other and there’s nothing wrong with requesting a painter that uses the technique you prefer.

Roll painting isn’t as quick as spray painting and if the professional painter isn’t very experienced, then it could result in an uneven coating on the walls. It’s possible for part of the walls to dry before the others, which will result in noticeable color differences.

When searching for interior house painters near me it’s important that you look for painters with plenty of experience. An experienced painter can work as efficiently with a roll painter as they could with a spray painter.

Spray vs Roll Painting

Spray Paint vs Brush Paint

Rolling vs spraying paint interior isn’t the only question that homeowners are worried about. They also tend to consider the differences between spray painting vs brush painting a house. The idea is that brush painting would look the best because it is a slow and meticulous process. However, that is simply not the case.

In reality, no professionals are painting an entire house with a brush. It would simply take far too long and the paint would dry and different rates. The end product would look worse than any of the other options. That being said, brush painting is still used to a great degree when painting homes, interiors, and cabinets.

Brush painting is used in specific areas, such as around edges, on trim, or in the corners. When considering spray painting vs brush painting cabinets the spray painting method tends to work faster, but it’s still possible that the spray doesn’t provide an even coat in the corners or that droplets buildup in certain areas. That’s when the contractor will use a brush to create a smooth and even surface.

Don’t think of brush painting as an alternative method for painting your home. Instead, think of it is a complementary technique that is used alongside spray painting as well as roll painting.

Rolling vs Spraying Paint Interior

At the end of the day, both of these techniques have some advantages. Spray house painting is much faster and allows contractors to increase their income by completing more jobs. Spraying ceilings is also much easier than rolling, but requires a close attention to detail. Still, many painters have yet to invest in the equipment needed to spray roller paint.

If you have a particular preference it is fine to request a painter that will use that technique. But most experienced painters can produce the same results regardless of which tools they use. The choice between a sprayer or roller primarily affects the time it will take for them to complete the job.

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